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(Download) Album Bi(Rain) – Rainism octubre 15, 2008

Filed under: K-music,Rain — jeiska @ 9:01 pm

Como se esperaba en corea, ya salio el nuevo album de Bi(Rain) llamado “Rainism”, que sale a la venta el 17 de Octubre en formato CD.



1. My Way (Intro)
2. Rainism
3. Only You
4. Love Story
5. Sarangiraneun geon
6.  Nae yeoja
7. You
8. Fresh Woman
9 Deo ggeullyeo (Feat. TaeWan aka C-Luv)
10 Gogae dollyeo
11 9weol 12il (Septiembre 12)
12 My Way
13 Rainism (Remix)


post por Jeiska


20 Responses to “(Download) Album Bi(Rain) – Rainism”

  1. Rain Fan Says:

    No more free download please!
    His album just released yesterday, please do not share free download link……

    please remove the link!

  2. calmer410 Says:

    ^ Some people can’t buy the album bcuz the store does not sell it..

  3. jeiska Says:

    we have to buy the original, but this is of fans for fans n.n

  4. viv Says:

    thank you!

  5. ~*Shannon*~ Says:

    Thank you a lot for sharing

  6. Anónimo Says:

    thank you for sharing, i couldn’t find his album on store’s thanks again

  7. (= anonymous Says:

    thanks alot for sharing (=

  8. Christine Says:

    Where the duce do you download it from??

  9. Miky Says:

    i want the songs .. but i can’t buy the album … ME BEING IN ROMANIA ….

  10. TurkishBoy Says:

    Guys; i respect rain and of course i would love to buy the original of his album. Even thought i m turkish i love korean culture and i live in America. if anyone knows any store that i can buy original korean albums in America please tell me! but until that time i can only download his songs

  11. andy Says:

    Whoa, Thanks for the upload..i personally would love to support Rain and buy teh CD. but CAn’t find it man..feel our pain.

  12. carol Says:

    i’m a big fan of his music too but i always buy them online =).
    yesasia stocks all his albums.

    I live in australia, can’t buy them locally either, so I buy online =)

  13. Arhazivory Says:

    Thanks for uploading this. I’d also love to have the real album and I’ll search for it but until then…..*clicks*

  14. Rain's Fan ^^ Says:

    thank u i live in Puerto Rico and on Puerto Rico K-pop is unknown i feel like im the only one on PR that actually listens to this tipe of music because in PR there is a gay music the music is not gay i just say its gay because the msg is giving to ppl is to have sex everytime they want >.> reggaeton

  15. deby Says:

    I love’re my idol…..

  16. Anónimo Says:

    some fans cant buy the album cause its not in the contry where they live

  17. OFFINCNUP Says:

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  18. ani Says:

    hi, thxs a lot for sharing this. I`m from Germany, so I can`t buy asien music. 😦

  19. rain is the best………..
    rain saranghamidha…
    i hope you can come to indonesia again..

  20. buy music Says:

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